October 2021

by Marlene Hall
October 24, 2021

Dishing out treats this year?

Be sure you follow these helpful tips to make it as safe as possible around your home.

Light it up! I know you want it dark and spooky to add to the scare, but be sure you create a safe environment for those trick or treaters. Turn on the porch light, or if you have some soft Halloween strand lights, it's best to keep them on throughout the night. You can light up your walkway with lawn lights to help make the path clear. Candles may be a tempting addition for the ambience, but it's best to keep it safer with LED candles, and battery operated lights for pumpkins and the like.

Clear a path. Make sure the walkway, stairs and entire outside of your home is cleared and easy to navigate.  Keep all decorations out of the immediate path of trick or treaters to avoid any accidental injuries. Think about your vehicle as well, trick or treaters may not be the best to rely on to keep their swords, wands and wings to themselves and could scratch or dent your car if it is in a driveway they'll pass. Consider parking inside of the garage or on a street in a safer area with less traffic.

Keep your critters safe! Don't forget about your own cuddly critters on Halloween night! Dogs and cats go missing much more often on this holiday when folks are coming and going at their front door. You may want to keep them in a separate bedroom during trick or treat hours to avoid causing them anxiety or possibly having them run away. If you do have a furry friend that likes to sit outside while you hand out treats, be courteous and keep them properly secured to a certain area where they won't present any issues to little ones that come knocking!

Take Precautions. Always stay vigilant in protecting your property. There are typically higher rates of crime around this holiday. If you will be handing candy out of your front door or even right outside of your house,
be sure to keep the rest of your home locked and secured to avoid any trespassing or theft. Take note of what is visible in your entryway if they'll be knocking at your door. Keep all valuables out of reach and view, and protect your privacy. It's always a good idea to have security cameras on your property year round, so if you haven't already made this investment, now might be a great time to consider it!

Out to trick, for those tasty treats?

Plan ahead! Planning out a specific route can make things safer and less stressful. This way you can be sure to stay in higher traffic, well lit, safer areas. It's best to stick to neighborhoods you are most familiar with, especially if there's people you know and can trust.  

Stay Visible. Bring a flashlight to keep your visibility safe, and be better prepared for any darker areas. It's best when your children have unique, brighter and bolder costumes to be able to better spot them in any situation, as well as make it easier to describe them if anyone were to ever get lost. If they are set on having a darker costume, consider adding some type of reflective items as accessories such as bracelets, necklaces or even some reflective tape to the back of their costume. Adding your contact information to a name tag in case of an emergency, may be a good option as well.

Be safe in the streets! There are much higher incidences of traffic and pedestrian accidents on Halloween. Be sure your child travels in groups, always has an adult present and is aware of how to be safe crossing the streets. Stick to sidewalks as much as possible, and it's always better to trick or treat in neighborhoods with less vehicle traffic,  and slower speed limits. 

Whether you're out for frightful fun, or hosting at home, we hope you stay safe and have fun this spooky season!  


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